Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Observations - 2010-11 Sound Tigers

Been an interesting year to say the least. Some final thoughts as follows:
1) The Sound Tigers 2010-11 provided much talent to the big club, many of whom figure to have a very bright future over the next few years (see below).
2) And with the influx of many young players into the system over the next few years, including major prospects such as Calvin de Haan, Casey Cizikas and others, Bridgeport will continue to be interesting to be sure.
3) Of the players that remain, as the Sound Tigers finally catch some fire, final observations as follows:
  • Leading scorer Rhett Rakhshani - may start next season at Bridgeport again, is a decent 3rd line prospect for the Islanders
  • Justin DiBenedetto - 17 goals in just over half a season, and a solid two-way game makes him a 4th line or better prospect as well
  • Jeremy Colliton - played well at time when up with the big club, hopefully gets a 2-way contract for next season
  • David Ullstrom - starting to show some life, next year will be important
  • Jesse Joensuu - will the Islanders bring him back? Had an okay year, and may be a useful piece
  • Mark Katic - can be a fill-in on D, so another one to watch, given his speed and offensive game
  • Ty Wishart (recent callup) - seems to have a game that allows him to be a decent 6th D-man in the NHL for now, with room to grow
  • Mikko Koskinen - filled in reasonably well under the circumstances when the injury bug hit the big club - may have a future
  • others we'd like to see get another chance - Hisey, Motherwell, Kohn, Klementyev, Martin
  • guys who should stick with the big club - Martin, Haley
  • someone who should get another chance somewhere - Wes O'Neill - I'm talking to you, defense light Vancouver Canucks...

4) Too bad the Yale Bulldogs got somewhat ripped off yesterday - they have a decent team, but having observed the game, no player on either side seemed to be a decent NHL prospect, except perhaps O'Neill. The college game is several notches below, with no team having emerged this season making for an odd tournament. Defensively sound Duluth seems to have a decent shot if they stck with their game plan and continue to get good goaltending from Reiter. This is important to keep the Islander college prospects in perspective. That said, they have some of the better prospects in the NCAA game including Lee, Nelson, Donovan & Kessel, and a few others to spare. All of whom will likely need time at Bridgeport to hone their professional games in the years to come.

Hope to see you next season for some further Observations on the Sound Tigers.

Lets go Islanders - 2011-12 should be the start of something big.

Edited to add: took in the second period of today's rescheduled Syracuse - Sound Tigers game - Aaron Ness looked okay, nothing more - Brian Day did not impress - and as for the latest batch of temporary fill-ins, no comment - as the saying goes 'nothing to see here, move along...'

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  1. It's good to see Bridgeport has some pieces that hopefully can be fleshed out into a real roster next year.

    People tend to think if a guy can't make the NHL club quickly that he's not worth a whole lot, but building a good minor league affiliate is really key-just look at the Caps. You have guys who get used to winning, can be traded for important NHL pieces, and can fill in when necessary. A good minor league team gives the GM flexibility that is key in the NHL in this era.

    Thanks for the wrap up. Looking forward to next year.